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ISC Profile

Institute Superior Cristal (ISC) is an institution of higher education as a whole represents the ideals and long-term goals of the Fundação Cristal in realizing the educational mission outlined and born of the idealism of the founders of the Foundation.

Organizational Structure

Board of Directors / Founders Foundation / Fundação Cristal

Chairman Fundação CristalFrederico Almeida Santos da Costa
Vice ChairmanAnselmo da Conceição
General Secretary / Executive DirectorDr. Agostinho dos Santos Gonçalves, SE., MM.
Secretary IIr. Antonio Ximenes
Secretary IIJose Barreto Gonçalves, SIP, MM.
TreasurerJacinto de Oliveira
Members1. Filipe Garcia
2. Miguel Esteves dos Santos
3. Angelina Baptista dos Santos
4. Maria Peregrina da Costa
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